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Proclear Prices | Proclear Information
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By John Dick ABO, FNAO


Proclear lenses by Coopervision are designed to provide patients who have difficulty with dry eye syndrome and quality tear production a way to wear contacts without having to constantly resort to rewetting drops and chronic discomfort. It is the only contact lens on the market specifically approved by the FDA to provide comfort for this problem. This is accomplished through utilization of the material phosphorylcholine. This substance is well known for its biocompatibility as well as attracting water molecules and retaining them. What this translates to for the patient is a lens that remains comfortable throughout the course of wear when previous contacts may have become unbearably uncomfortable by day’s end. This also goes a long way in protecting the ocular structures of the cornea by helping to keep the area moist and preventing allergens, bacteria and other debris from being allowed to flourish.

Refractive Errors Corrected

These lenses are available to correct the common refractive errors of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia. Of course, most patients are familiar with myopia and hyperopia, but astigmatism and presbyopia may yet be a mystery. Astigmatism results from the surface of the cornea being irregular shaped causing light to focus as two different points on the retina rather than one. Proclear lenses correct this error by aligning these light rays to focus at one common point. Proclear lenses are also designed to assist patients who require correction for reading or doing visually concentrated tasks up close. They accomplish this by assigning certain powers to different areas of the lens allowing the patient to see images clearly at any distance: infinity, intermediate or near.