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Product Information:

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Dailies Aquacomfort Plus contacts manufactured by CibaVision provide the patient with a comfortable and refreshing contact for daily use. It achieves an excellent level of comfort through a patented manufacturing process known as LightStream™ technology providing “triple action moisture.” This process allows the natural tears of the patient to be used to refresh the eye and maintain comfort over the course of daily wear up to 20 hours of continuous wear. These lenses are comprised of a hydrogel polymer called Nelfilcon A. This hydrogel polymer absorbs up to 69% of the available moisture provided by the natural tears produced by the eye, contact lens rewetting drops and contact lens solutions.

Hydrogel polymers, such as Nelifilcon A, are hydrophilic meaning they are water-loving and absorb moisture. The corneal tear film covering the cornea is responsible for maintaining the liquid environment necessary for good ocular health. Tears serve as a cleaning agent and lubricant for the surface of the cornea. Allergies, medications, age, and dry eye syndrome may all contribute to decreasing the viscosity, effectiveness and production of tears. This is why contacts made of hydrogels are vitally important to ocular health.

If the corneal tear film is compromised, bacteria, allergens and protein deposits may create both discomfort and visual compromises. The extremely slick surface of the hydrogel polymer inhibits the attraction of bacteria and protein deposits to the lens surface. If bacteria is allowed to accumulate, an infection will likely occur causing extreme discomfort and possibly diminishing visual acuities or in extreme cases threatening vision. Protein deposits found on the surface of a contact may also be a contributing factor to infection. In certain instances, protein deposits may warp the surface of the cornea and induce irregular astigmatism which scatters light as it enters the eye and decreases overall visual clarity.

The other advantage of Ciba Dailies Aquacomfort Plus is the fact they are daily disposable lenses. Therefore, little possibility exists that either bacteria or protein will be allowed to remain on the lens surface long enough to create a problem for the lens wearer. The LightStream™ technology utilized by CibaVision allows Nelifilcon A to work in conjunction with the eye’s natural ability to protect itself through tear production to provide the utmost level of biocompatibility.

Another concern among eyecare practitioners is the availability of oxygen during contact lens use. If deprived of oxygen, the eye will initiate an autoimmune response to correct this problem. It does so through the growth of new blood vessels that brings needed nutrients and oxygen to the affected area. This process is known as corneal neovascularization. This may compromise vision if it blocks the pathway light travels to allow vision to occur. Ciba Dailies Aquacomfort Plus lenses provide nearly six times the amount of oxygen when compared to conventional planned replacement soft lenses. The combination of moisture, oxygen transmissibility and biocompatibility all work together to provide the contact patient with a comfortable lens that also provides good ocular health.

Compare Price to Similar Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Price Per Box Lenses Wear Days Price /Lens Price /Day x2
*DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack* $27.49 90 1 $0.31 $0.61
Focus Dailies 90 Pack $36.77 90 1 $0.41 $0.82
Soflens Daily Disposable 90 Pack $38.39 90 1 $0.43 $0.85
1-Day Acuvue Moist 90 Pack $43.19 90 1 $0.48 $0.96
Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack $44.79 90 1 $0.50 $1.00
Proclear 1-Day 90 Pack $46.39 90 1 $0.52 $1.03
DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 30 Pack $15.99 30 1 $0.53 $1.07
DAILIES Total 1 90 Pack $65.09 90 1 $0.72 $1.45
1-Day Acuvue TruEye 90 Pack Nara A $78.30 90 1 $0.87 $1.74


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