About Us

Our Business

TopLevel Technologies LLC is a US company based in Colorado. We started out programming microprocessors for electric utilities, and transitioned to programming Internet websites. Internet business is a dynamic and interesting place to be, especially for a small family business.

Our Family

As a family of myopics, presbyopics, and astigmatics, we know how expensive prescription eyewear can be.  When your kids decide they want to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, the cost really goes through the roof, especially when you factor in the cost of the “spare” glasses they need anyway.

How can we save $$$$$?

In trying to find the best online prices for contact lenses, we created an Excel spreadsheet in which we entered base price PLUS volume discount PLUS coupon PLUS rebate PLUS shipping & handling for each total number of boxes (usually 2,4, or 8). We did this series of calculations for each online store.  The process took so long, we weren’t really sure it was worth the time and effort.  We weren’t even sure we were getting the best available price  (sometimes you don’t know how many boxes you want, or what kind of deal you’re getting, until you know the total costs). We learned that finding the best prices for contact lenses was not easy. There had to be a better way.

 “I want a website that will do the work for me.”

We created the solution in 2007 with the launch of LensPriceCompare.com, the first website ever designed to calculate multiple prices down to a single box of contact lenses, with all the discounts and S&H included.

 LensPower.com – New name, new look

With well over half-a-million visitors since we started in 2007, we felt it was time to revamp our website to better serve you.

Today you are quite likely to be viewing LensPower.com on a mobile device.  You may be a new contact lens wearer and want to be better informed about what you are putting into your eyes, and why. You may be looking for specific information on contact lenses for kids or mature wearers. Or, as a returning visitor, you may want to compare prices faster and more accurately than before.

When you visit LensPower.com, you will now find the following improvements:

  • updated site design and layout, and increased site speed
  • configurations for popular mobile devices, laptops and desktops
  • option for providing feedback that will help us continue to improve mobile viewing
  • extensive, detailed, up-to-date contact lens information written by eye-care professionals
  • regular editorial features on unique or unusual contact lens needs
  • “help” section for consumers buying contact lenses online for the first time

We will be providing more exciting updates soon, so please visit again and share this site with your friends!