Contact Lens Help

List and Description Of Current Help Details

How To Buy Contact Lenses Online

Step by step process for buying contact lenses online.

How to Save On Contacts

Shopping online is a convenient way to buy contact lenses and find best prices. Short and sweet list of tips to buy cheap contact lenses today.

How to Use A Coupon

Information about coupons for people who don’t use online coupons very often.

How To Insert and Remove Contact Lenses

When you first bought contact lenses at your eye doctor’s office or local big box store, you received instructions about how to insert and remove the lenses.  In case you have forgotten, here is a reminder about how to correctly insert and remove them.

How to Care For Contacts

An expert reference in contact lens care.

How to Read A Prescription

Have you ever wondered if your glasses and contact lenses prescriptions are the same? We get this question sometimes. They are not the same. The differences are explained graphically, and the prescription information explained.