How To Use A Coupon

  • Coupon Codes are Easy!
  • The best coupons are granted to new customers (of the retailer)
  • Lenspower coupons are always current, and automatically delete themselves when expired.
  • Coupons provide instant savings
  • Get coupons here

If a LensPower coupon does not work, it is due to one or more of the following:

  • You have not met the minimum quantity
  • You have not met the minimum price
  • The coupon is for new customers only, and the website identifies you as a previous customer

Note: If the website identifies you as a previous customer, it may simply reject your “New Customer” coupon, without providing a reason.

Have you ever experienced problems with online coupons?

The following are general characteristics of a negative online coupon experience:

The Empty Coupon Box – No Coupons Availiable

When online stores do not have current coupon offers, they often continue to display the empty coupon box on their checkout page.  Visitors see the empty coupon box and scour the internet for a suitable coupon code. If they don’t find one, there are no current coupons being offered by the retailer.

The Empty Coupon Box – Coupons Found, but do not work

Again, the online store has a coupon entry box. Visitors search online and find coupons but the coupons do not work. The coupons are invalid. Here are some reasons why:

  • Online stores allocate coupons to certain websites, e.g. price comparison or coupon sites.   Visitors to those sites copy the coupons and post them to social websites.  However the coupon codes are not deleted after they expire. So when you search for a coupon, you find expired coupons that don’t work.  After entering four or five non-working codes, you give up!
  • You visit a website, and see a “Click Here For Coupon” link or something similar. You click on the link or button, which brings you directly to the retail site. If the coupon box on the checkout page contains a code, it will probably work. If it is empty it means you clicked on a dud link. This means that there never was a coupon available through that link, and that the website owner put up a referral marketing link from which they get a commission when you buy something at the retail store. As the web evolves, and retailers figure out how this dishonest practice hurts them, such sites will hopefully disappear. However, it is best to be aware be aware that the practice may still occur.