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Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Acuvue 2 contacts are the latest generation of Acuvue lenses providing comfortable extensive wear, crisp vision, maintenance of ocular health and an easy cleaning regimen. These lenses are coated with the patented Hydraclear™ formulation a wettability agent in the form of polymerization to the base substrate of etafilcon A. Available in a wide range of powers used to correct prescriptions for both farsighted and nearsighted patients, they also provide nearly 100% level of UV protection. The wearing schedule conveniently allows for 2 continuous weeks (if removing them nightly) or 6 days of continuous wear.

The Hydraclear™ formulation is hydrophilic, meaning it will absorb and retain moisture for longer periods of time than other conventional planned replacement lenses. Maintenance of a fluid environment for the corneal tear film is of paramount importance not only with respect to potential damage to the tissues of the eye, but also visual clarity. When the corneal tear film is interrupted, the surface of the cornea may become dry, irritated and prone to infections. In addition, potential allergy sufferers may also develop discomfort causing characteristically red, itchy eyes. The addition of this wetting agent also prevents long strings of protein molecules from adhering to the lens surface and causing a distortion of vision through inducement of irregular astigmatism through warping the surface of the cornea. Hydraclear™ not only provides the patient with a way to maintain better ocular health, but also allows an enhanced level of comfort.

Oxygen transmissibility is another primary concern for contact wearers. If the cornea is deprived of oxygen the eye may react by initiating an autoimmune response in the form of corneal neovascularization. Through neovascularization, an ingrowth of new blood vessels, the eye attempts to bring oxygen and nutrients to deprived areas of the cornea. If this growth of new blood vessels should encroach on the visual pathway inhibiting the transmission of light through the cornea on its way to the retina, blurred vision and a distorted visual field may become apparent to the patient. Acuvue 2 contacts allow 88% of oxygen available in the atmosphere to reach the surface of the cornea preventing corneal neovascularization.

Protection from harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun is another concern. Radiation may be absorbed by the tissues of the eye resulting in long term problems. Skin cancer may be allowed to flourish in an environment where it is not easily detectable requiring a radical procedure known as enucleation to remove the affected eye. The crystalline lens will also absorb most of the harmful UV rays entering the eye. These rays will breakdown or alter the nuclear structure of the proteins of the lens causing an opacification commonly referred to as a cataract.  Acuvue 2 lenses prevent nearly 100% of these rays from reaching ocular tissues in the eye and causing significant long-term damage.  Acuvue 2 lenses provide the patient with comfort, convenience and peace of mind through maintaining good ocular health.

Compare Price to Similar Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Price Per Box Lenses Wear Days Price /Lens Price /Day x2
Biofinity Contact Lenses $27.99 6 30 $4.67 $0.31
Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses $31.19 6 30 $5.20 $0.35
Acuvue Oasys 24 Pack $69.69 24 14 $2.90 $0.41
*Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses* $17.59 6 14 $2.93 $0.42
Acuvue Oasys 12 Pack $43.34 12 14 $3.61 $0.52


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