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Product Information:

Biomedics 1-Day

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Biomedics 1 Day daily disposable lenses by Coopervision are designed to create the maximum level of comfort available for soft lens wearers while at the same time providing great optics to help the patient see their best. Biomedics 1 Day lenses have an edge in comfort design meaning the periphery of the lens is structured to make the contact angle highly compatible with the surface of the cornea making it more comfortable for the patient. This design possesses a low edge apex angle on the bevel. In addition to this feature, Biomedics 1 Day contacts prevent many of the complications commonly associated with soft lens wear.

Biomedics 1 Day lenses are comprised of a hydrogel known as Ocufilcon B. Hydrogel polymers are hydrophilic meaning absorb and retain water molecules. This is beneficial to the contact lens wearer for two reasons: comfort and maintaining good ocular health.

The corneal tear film which is a thin layer of tears covering the transparent medium of the cornea helps to moisturize and lubricate the eye as well as acting as a barrier against bacteria, allergens and other debris. Utilizing the patient’s natural tears, contact lens solutions and rewetting drops the fluid environment of the corneal tear film is maintained. The hydrogel design of the Biomedics 1 Day lenses absorbs these liquids and assists the eye in providing a homeostatic equilibrium necessary to provide comfort to the patient for all day wear. Biomedics 1 Day lenses have a water content of 52% preventing complications due to dry eye syndrome associated with contact wear.

Biomedics 1 Day also have the benefit of being daily disposable lenses. These lenses are ideal for patients who wear their contacts for an extended wearing time, those who do not comply with a regular disinfecting regimen and those who have difficulty with dry eye symptoms or protein build-up. Contacts worn past their wearing time have a tendency to dry out and become blurry. Biomedics 1 Day lenses with hydrogel technology prevent this problem by retaining moisture for an extended period of time. Not only does this assist the patient with irritation, it also maintains the fluid environment of the corneal tear film prevent a loss of visual acuity.

A patient’s natural tears contain lipids, proteins, water and nutrients to nourish the tissues of the cornea as well as remove debris. There are two types of proteins contained within: native and denatured. Denatured proteins are responsible for adhering to the contact surface giving it a milky white appearance. This in turn creates a need for cleaning or compromises the patient’s vision much like a dirty spectacle lens.

With planned replacement lenses, these proteins may adhere to the lens eventually building up and creating a deposit warping the cornea inducing irregular astigmatism. Bacteria may colonize and allergens may also build to a level that causes conjunctivitis or infections which in extreme cases may threaten a patient’s vision. The benefit of Biomedics 1 Day disposable lenses is none of these problems is a major concern. At the end of the day, you simply throw the contacts away along with any problems that may eventually surface. This allows the patient and the eyecare provider peace of mind in maintaining good ocular health and corneal vitality.


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