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Focus Dailies Progressives 30 Pack

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Ciba Focus Dailies Progressive contact are designed to provide the mature patient with a modality to correct the refractive error of presbyopia as well as providing comfort and clarity due to diminished tear quality and production. Presbyopia is a common refractive error typically affecting patients in their early 40s. The ability of the suspensory ligaments acting to flex the crystalline lens allowing the eye to perceive objects up close or at a distance is known as accommodation. As the eye ages, this accommodative reflex becomes impaired as the ligaments become more rigid and less able to flex the crystalline lens where 2/3 of the ability of the eye to focus resides.

Progressive contacts, such as Ciba Focus Dailies Progressives, address this problem by providing the additional power needed to see objects at the near point of accommodation. These lenses are designed to provide clear vision at a wide range of distances. The lens possesses only one add power with a center near design with a strong power concentrated in the center of the contact. Eyecare professionals have reported these lenses seem to work better for hyperopic (far-sighted) patients than other progressive contacts due to the way light enters and focuses on the retina. However, this does not mean these lenses are contraindicative for myopic (or near-sighted) patients.

One concern of the aging patient is the quality and quantity of tear production. Not only does the body produce fewer tears as we age, but lifestyle and other conditions associated with aging cause difficulty in maintaining this balance as well. With a decrease in tear production, the body will attempt to correct the problem by producing more tears. The extra tears do not possess the lubricants, oxygen and nutrients needed to adequately maintain a healthy corneal tear film. Just as the corneal tear film needs an adequate supply of tears for ocular health, an over-production may disrupt the film resulting in diminished visual acuity.

Medications typically associated with an older individual such as antide-pressants, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills and pain relievers are also contributing factors to dry eye complications. The consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and soda are natural diuretics which inadvertently contribute to decreased tear production.  CibaVision uses nelifilcon A, a hydrogel material, which is hydrophilic. This material absorbs water comprising nearly 70% of the lens making it ideal for patients with potential dry eye problems as well as providing extended periods of comfort during contact wear.

Ciba Focus Dailies Progressive lenses also provide the eyecare practitioner and patient reassurance with respect to the potential for build-up of protein deposits and bacterial growth. The extremely slick surface of nelifilcon A prevents protein strands from having a collection point from which to build and add larger and larger deposits. If protein deposits are left unchecked, they may eventually warp the surface of the cornea and cause irregular astigmatism. This irregularity will scatter light rays making clear vision difficult. Since these lenses are a daily wear lens the patient may simply toss them away at the end of the day and start fresh the next day. This doesn’t allow for the possibility of protein or bacterial growth translating into better ocular health and peace of mind for eyecare professionals and patients alike.


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