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Product Information:

Frequency 55 Contact Lenses

Frequency 55 contacts are soft disposable contacts with a high water content and innovative design, resulting in outstanding comfort. They come in boxes of six, which are lightly tinted blue for easy storage and handling. Frequency 55 contacts are available in most prescriptions to accommodate nearsighted and farsighted patients. The cornea, where the contact rests on, depends on a thin tear layer to receive oxygen and nutrients keeping it moist and healthy.

A soft contact lens can absorb this layer of tears resulting in dry itchy eyes.  Over-wearing contacts lens, along with other environmental and health factors, can also rob the cornea of it’s vital moisture.

Frequency 55 lenses feature a 55% water content inside of the lens that keeps the them hydrated, without taking moisture from the cornea. Frequency 55 lenses are monthly disposable lenses, meaning you can wear them 8-12 hours a day for a month without any complications. With monthly lenses it is not uncommon for proteins to deposit on the lens surface. These proteins are caused by oils which the eye naturally produces to keep the tear layer from drying up. Cleaning solutions remove most of these protein deposits, however it is not uncommon for some residual deposits to remain.

Over time these oils tend to dry up on the surface of the contacts lens causing lenses to be blurry and uncomfortable. Frequency 55 lenses are deposit resistant, which means that a normal care and clean schedule is all that is needed to keep the lenses disinfected and free of protein deposits that compromise the integrity of the lens. Proper storage of the lenses is also important to keep your lenses feeling fresh and your eyes free from harmful bacteria.  This can be accomplished by storing your lenses in fresh cleaning solution by changing it daily.  Contact lens solutions usually remain effective for about 24-36 hours, after that microbes tend to start forming in the solution which can lead to various complications. So be sure to change the solution daily.

Along with a higher water content, and deposit resistant surfaces, frequency 55 contacts offer a patented design system called UltraSync, which results in a thinner edge, resulting in a smooth blink.  A thinner lens edge means that every time you blink your eyelids glide smoothly over the edge, preventing a foreign body sensation in the eye.  When contact lenses are  over-worn for extended periods of time, the eyelid margin tends to become dry and scrapes across the edge of the contact, making lens wear uncomfortable.

Along with less lid sensation, Frequency 55 contacts provide sharp, crisp vision by eliminating aberrations, which are visual distortions caused by the curvature of the lens. This is achieved by the UltraSync design process which creates a flater front curve that results in less surface reflections.

Another feature of Frequency 55 disposable contacts is that they also block the sun’s damaging UV-A and UV-B rays from entering the cornea, where they can cause cataracts and retinal damage. This is very important for those who spend time outdoors, although they are no substitute for UV blocking sunwear.


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