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Air Optix Prices | Air Optix Information
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Air Optix

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

TriComfort Technology

The Air Optix brand of lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision are dedicated to providing the patient with a breathable lens that will provide oxygen and comfort to the cornea for several hours of continuous wear. This is accomplished using Ciba’s patented TriComfortâ„¢ Technology. TriComfort Technology has allowed the Ciba Air Optix Night and Day Aqua lenses to be the first lenses approved by the FDA for 30 continuous days of wear without harmful side effects to ocular health. It has the highest rated Dk/t value of any soft lens on the market at 138. This allows a free flow of nourishment rich oxygen to reach the cornea, preventing complication associated with soft lens wear and allow greater amount of comfort to the patient for an extended period of time.

Maintaining Moisture

TriComfort Technology is comprised of a coated hydrogel material that is hydrophilic in nature allowing for the retention of moisture and preventing dry eye typically associated with prolonged contact wear. Maintaining the fluid environment of the eye is critical for comfort and eye health. Natural tears possess nutrients necessary for the nourishment of corneal tissue. If this process is interrupted through the use of contacts not conducive to this end, it may have a harmful effect on the eye by allowing harmful debris, allergens, bacteria and proteins to infiltrate the outer layer of the cornea and cause infections or other complications.

Resisting Deposits

These lenses also possess an extremely viscous outer coating that not only provides greater comfort to the patient, but also resists the harmful build-up of proteins which may ultimately alter the shape of the cornea and cause diminished visual acuities.