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Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Air Optix Aqua contacts are the latest lenses in an evolution of silicone hydrogels designed to minimize contact lens complications such as protein buildup, corneal neovascularization, dry eyes and discomfort. These lenses provide benefits to patients who wear planned replacement lenses which are not changed as frequently as daily wear brands.

Air Optix Aqua contacts are part of the Air Optix brand designed by Ciba Vision with their patented manufacturing process, TriComfortÔ. Patients are busier than ever with work, family and school obligations. Schedules are no longer from nine to five and Air Optix Aqua lenses have been designed to meet the demands of these long hours. They are not only designed to provide the patient with the convenience of extended wear, but also maintain optimum ocular health.

Maintenance of a healthy cornea requires two primary constituents: oxygen and moisture. The transmission of oxygen to the eye prevents a serious contact lens wear complication known as corneal neovascularization. This condition occurs as a result of the deprivation of oxygen to the surface of the cornea. The autoimmune system triggers a response in the form of a new ingrowth of blood vessels to supply much needed oxygen and nutrients to the deprived area. A problem occurs when this new growth encroaches on the visual axis, the pathway light travels enabling vision. If these vessels obscure this area, vision will become blurred and acuities will suffer resulting in distorted vision.

Air Optix Aqua contacts provide 5 times more oxygen than other comparable soft lens brands. These lenses have one of the highest levels of oxygen transmissi-bility rates of any planned replacement soft contact lens in production today at a rate of 138 Dk/t.This in turn also provides a more natural feeling to the patient and provides longer periods of comfortable wear.

Maintaining the moisture needed for good ocular health is another added benefit of Air Optix Aqua. These lenses are designed using a silicone hydrogel, a water-loving polymer. Having a water content of 33%, Air Optix Aqua hydrates through absorption of natural tears, contact solution and rewetting drops. This is beneficial in preventing discomfort associated with dry eye irritation and reduces the risk of infection that may result.

Air Optix Aqua is coated with a super smooth polymer through the TriComfortÔ formula process. This system allows for a high level of biocompatibility and prevention of protein deposits. Due to the super slick surface, it is more difficult for protein chains to adhere to the lens surface. Protein deposits may eventually cause allergic reactions, infections and alter the shape of the cornea causing irregular astigmatism.

In addition to maintaining a healthy cornea, this system provides the wearer with a more natural feel contributing to an enhanced level of wearability. The state of the art manufacturing process used in the production of Air Optix Aqua contacts allow the patient better comfort through an extended period of wear, better ocular health and prevention of common contact lens wear complications.

Compare Price to Similar Contact Lenses

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*Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses* $31.19 6 30 $5.20 $0.35
Acuvue Oasys 24 Pack $69.69 24 14 $2.90 $0.41
Acuvue Oasys 12 Pack $43.34 12 14 $3.61 $0.52
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