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Biofinity Contact Lenses

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Biofinity contacts are designed to provide the highest level of performance and biocompatibility of soft lenses on the market. These contacts are planned replacement silicone hydrogel lenses providing higher water content and improved comfort. These contacts are aspherically designed allowing for crisper vision and a higher rate of water absorption and smoothness. Biofinity provides excellent breathability through good oxygenation prevents dryness and prevents many complications often associated with extended soft lens wear.

The aspheric design of Biofinity contacts differ from traditional spherical contacts with respect to lens curvature. Spherical lenses are designed with a singular curvature across the surface of the contact in any meridian.  The curvature of aspheric lenses has a graduated curve throughout the lens surface. The result is a lens with less curvature bending less light and allowing for more control of spherical aberration. Spherical aberration occurs when the focal power of a lens effectively increases as you move away from the optical center of the lens.  The spherical nature of the lens causes light rays refracted at the periphery of the lens to be focused closer to the lens than light rays at the optical center.  Asphericity allows the contact to maintain a crisp area of vision, provide better depth of field and combat minimal amounts of astigmatism.

Biofinity lenses are manufactured using Aquaform™ technology supporting a bonding process between hydrogen, which is a positively charged ion, and water molecules to create a lens that is highly hydrophilic (water-loving). Inherently, this material allows for better wettability and more retention of moisture from rewetting agents and naturally produced tears. It reduces reliance on agents used to provide a smoothing effect in or on the surface of the lens materials to provide these advantages. Since this contact requires no additional coatings, additives or surface treatments it reduces the likelihood of oxygen deprivation to the cornea. Oxygen transmission is vitally important to corneal health. Corneal neovascularization, a condition caused by lack of oxygen to the cornea, is an autoimmune response resulting of an ingrowth of new blood vessels to bring oxygen and nutrients to deprived areas. In advanced cases, this condition will interrupt the visual axis and poor vision will result.

Setting aside oxygen transmissibility and moisture, Biofinity lenses are also designed to provide comfort in the basic technology of lens wear. Eyecare professionals are often required to balance the difference between corneal curvature, lens diameter and lens radius to not only properly fit a lens, but also maximizes the effectiveness of the correction. If the contact is too tight, several complications as well as discomfort could impact the cornea. If the fit is too loose, visual acuity could also be compromised.  Biofinity lenses have a patented molded round edge to provide a smoother contact edge which will effectively provide the patient with a comfortable fit. The combination of the hydrophilic Aquaform™ technology, oxygen transmissibility, and silicone hydrogel moisture retention allow the Biofinity contact to be highly biocompatible which translates to fewer complications, clear vision and extended comfort.

Compare Price to Similar Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Price Per Box Lenses Wear Days Price /Lens Price /Day x2
*Biofinity Contact Lenses* $27.99 6 30 $4.67 $0.31
Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses $31.19 6 30 $5.20 $0.35
PureVision Contact Lenses $35.49 6 30 $5.92 $0.39
Acuvue Oasys 24 Pack $69.69 24 14 $2.90 $0.41
Acuvue Oasys 12 Pack $43.34 12 14 $3.61 $0.52


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