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Product Information:

Soflens 38

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Soflens 38 contacts manufactured by Bausch and Lomb are designed to provide the patient with crisp, clear vision, comfort and are extremely resistant against protein deposits. This makes them an ideal lens for younger patients. Their available in a wide range of prescriptions for both nearsighted and farsighted patients and may be worn consecutively for seven days or on a daily basis. This lens has a proven track record of stability and biocompatibility. Additionally, they are ideal for new contact wearers due to their inversion indicator which lets the patient know if the lens is inside out.

Soflens 38 contacts are a soft hydrophilic lens using hydrogel technology. Hydrogel materials absorb and retain moisture making them ideal for contact lens utilization. Maintaining good ocular health requires the cornea to remain in a fluid environment. The interaction between the corneal tear film and the contact is of paramount importance.

If the corneal tear film is deprived of moisture, symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome will begin to irritate the patient’s eye as well as diminish the patient’s visual acuities. In addition, harmful bacteria may begin to colonize causing a bacterial infection. Allergens also become problematic causing significant irritation to the corneal surface. All of these things will contribute to an overall feeling of discomfort and left untreated may become threatening to vision. Soflens 38 contacts are manufactured using polymacon hydrogel material containing 38% water molecules. This makes these lenses ideal for extended wear especially for those patients with active lifestyles not necessarily remembering to remove their contacts at night.

Oxygen is also a major concern when assessing ocular health as it relates to contact lens wear. If the surface of the cornea is deprived of oxygen the eye will respond by initiating an autoimmune response. This response comes in the form of new blood vessel growth. Since blood vessels carry oxygen, the eye will attempt to get to deprived areas utilizing this mechanism. This process is known as corneal neovascularization. In advanced stages, this complication will cause an ingrowth of new blood vessels to encroach on the visual axis, the pathway light travels to make the process of vision possible. As light filters through this network of blood vessels it will scatter inducing irregular astigmatism. This will significantly compromise a patient’s vision and is extremely difficult to correct with either contacts or glasses.

Since Soflens 38 contacts are manufactured using hydrogel technology they allow six times the amount of oxygen to reach the surface of the cornea over conventional planned replacement lenses. This advantage makes these lenses an ideal choice for younger contact wearers or those patients who do not adequately observe a disinfecting regimen. Additionally, protein deposits are another complication developing as a result of poor contact lens hygiene. If denatured proteins are allowed to create a deposit on the contact surface it will ultimately warp the cornea and once again induce irregular astigmatism. The design of the Soflens 38 prevents these deposits from forming providing the patient with good corneal health and better vision.


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