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Soflens Daily Disposable 90 Pack

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Soflens Daily Disposables by Bausch and Lomb provide the patient with crisper, clearer vision than traditional daily disposable contacts. Due to their aspheric design over a wide range of powers, these lenses provide the wearer with high definition vision. This benefit is no more apparent than in low lighting situations where visual acuities are often compromised due to pupil dilation. These lenses not only provide exceptional vision, but they also assist the wearer in maintaining a health cornea. As their name implies, Soflens Daily Disposables, allow the patient the luxury of simply throwing away their contacts at the end of the day and starting fresh the next morning. This provides the patient a myriad of benefits when assessing ocular health; preventing conditions such as corneal neovascularization, allergic conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis, and protein deposit buildup.

Any medium refracting light possesses what is known as an optical center. The optical center of an ophthalmic device is the point of the system deviates the least from the power of the lens; the point at which the prescription is the most precise. This is also true for ophthalmic spectacles lenses as well as contacts. The contact possesses a radius of curvature responsible for refracting light and correcting for common refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Depending on the amount of correction required, this curvature will be more or less steep.

Contacts are designed with an optical zone generally between 5 and 9 mm. This zone is the optical center of the lens providing the most precise correction to the patient as they wear their lenses. Occasionally, difficulty arises when the patient enters a low light situation or if the patient has a large pupil diameter. When more of the contact surface becomes visible outside the optical zone, especially in non-aspheric lenses, light rays are refracted back toward the optical center causing a blurred perception. This is known as spherical aberration.

Soflens Daily Disposables are designed aspherically; meaning they maintain the same radius of curvature throughout any meridian of the lens. This is beneficial on two fronts. First, the patient is presented with a wider field of view, minimized peripheral distortions and better vision. Secondly, the lens is more comfortable at the edge due to the aspherical flattening effect.

Soflens Daily Disposables also prevent three complications that may be potentially sight threatening: corneal neovascularization, protein buildup, and bacterial infections. Corneal neovascularization results when the eye is deprived of oxygen and the body attempts to correct this by growing new ones. If these new vessels encroach on the visual axis, the pathway light travels during the process of vision; it may compromise or completely distort vision by inducing irregular astigmatism. Denatured proteins found in tears will cause lenses to appear tacky and milky white. If these protein deposits are allowed to build, as often occurs with traditional planned replacement soft lenses, the cornea may warp, once again causing irregular astigmatism.

Bacterial infections as well as allergens are also a major concern. If a strict cleaning regimen is not observed for soft planned replacements lenses, they may begin to harbor bacteria. Bacteria may infiltrate the cornea, damaging it as well as spreading into the globe. If left untreated, bacterial infections may cause loss of the eye. Although not sight threatening, allergens may also build in the same way, causing distorted vision and conjunctivitis. Soflens Daily Disposable lenses prevent these problems from taking hold and developing into major ones.


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