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Product Information:

Proclear 1-Day 90 Pack

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Proclear 1-Day contacts from Coopervision provide optimum visual benefits to the patient as well as providing a way for contact patients to easily prevent irritation, allergies and other complications commonly arising during lens wear. These lenses address a host of problems often encountered for planned replacement lenses such as dryness, protein buildup, corneal neovascularization and prevention of bacterial infections. In addition to providing these benefits, the visual quality of these lenses will not decline as planned replacement lenses do at the end of their cycle because the wearer simply discards them at the end of the day starting fresh the following morning.

In order to maintain a vital and healthy corneal environment, the eye must maintain an adequate level of moisture. Proclear 1-Day contacts are comprised of a hydrogel polymer of omafilcon A in combination with phosphorylcholine. The combination of these two materials provides the wearer with a high level of comfort as well as biocompatibility. Hydrogel lenses are hydrophilic in nature, meaning they absorb and retain moisture.

This moisture may be obtained in the form of contact lens solutions, rewetting drops or the patient natural tears. The water level content of Proclear 1-Day lenses is 60%. In addition to a high water level content, these lenses contain phosphorylcholine. This material combines with the natural cells of the human body to create a type of biological matrix. This is why it is often used in patients who have undergone cardiac replacement stents as well as other vascular surgeries. It has an extremely high level of biocompatibility and low level of rejection by the human body.

These lenses work well with regarding to the human eye in that they prevent a condition known as corneal neovascularization. Neovascularization occurs when the eye is not getting an adequate supply of oxygen or nutrients. In an attempt to provide these nutrients, the eye will initiate an autoimmune response and grow new blood vessels to the affected area. This ingrowth of new blood vessels is known as corneal neovascularization. In advanced cases, this condition may encroach on the visual axis; the pathway light travels as it proceeds to the retina. In these cases, the light becomes scattered as it has to filter through the new blood vessels causing irregular astigmatism and compromising the patient’s visual acuity.

As their name implies Proclear 1-Day contacts are a daily disposable lens. This prevents several complications commonly associated with planned replacement contact wear, the first of these being protein deposit buildup. The tears which nourish the human eye possess nutrients such as proteins, lipids and water. The proteins contained within the tear are of two types: native and denatured.

The denatured proteins will often adhere to the surface of the lens especially if the cleaning regimen is not properly observed. In protein chains are allowed to develop and grow, they will eventually warp the surface of the cornea causing distorted vision. This problem is easily arrested with disposable daily lenses. Additionally, bacterial growth is prevented a mechanism to colonize due to this same mitigating factor.


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