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Proclear Multifocal Contact Lenses

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Proclear Multifocal lenses are designed to provide patients who suffer from the effects of presbyopia with clear vision at both near and far distances. These lenses not only provide the wearer with clear vision, but also comfort through maintenance of moisture levels, superior oxygenation and good ocular health.

Presbyopia is a condition affecting patients beginning in their early 40s. The crystalline lens is responsible for nearly 2/3 of the refractive ability of the eye. During the process of vision, this convex shaped lens flexes to view objects at distance and near. This process is known as the accommodative reflex. As the eye ages, the suspensory ligaments controlling this reflex have a tendency to become rigid, thus preventing the eye from adequately viewing near objects at a comfortable distance. Proclear Multifocal lenses correct this refractive error through a superior lens design known as Balanced Progressive™ Technology.

Proclear Multifocals incorporate this design through utilizing and assigning particular lens strengths to naturally occurring phenomena found in every patient. Just as patients have a tendency to allow either the right or left side of the brain to establish dominance in motor functions such as writing, the same principle can assigned to the process of vision. Every patient has a dominant and non-dominant eye due to this tendency to assign greater function to one side over the other.

Balance Progressive™ Technology provides correction for the distance eye through providing a central distance power zone, aspheric intermediate zone, and spherical peripheral zone for distance vision. The non-dominant eye is corrected by a central near power zone, aspheric intermediate zone and spherical peripheral zone for distance vision. This combination of correcting different meridians and assigning values to eye dominance allow crisp, clear vision in all zones from peripheral to central. This design accounts for the aptly named Balance Progressive™ technology.

In addition to the innovative lens design, Proclear Multifocals is manufactured using a hydrogel technology maintaining moisture, preventing protein deposits and complications from extended contact wear. If the eye is deprived of oxygen it will initiate an autoimmune response to bring much needed oxygen and nutrients to the affected area.

This response is known as corneal neovascularization. In advanced stages of this condition, the new ingrowth of blood vessels may encroach on the visual axis compromising visual acuity. Proclear Multifocals prevent this deprivation by allowing oxygen to permeate through the hydrogel material from the atmosphere to the surface of the cornea.

These lenses are comprised of hydrogels which are water-loving, absorption polymers retaining moisture throughout the course of wear. Maintaining the fluid environment of the corneal tear film prevents discomfort and potential infections through infiltration of bacteria normally carried away through natural tears and blinking. Due to the highly viscous surface of Proclear Multifocals, long strands of proteins are not allowed to form preventing a build-up of protein deposits on the surface of the contact. Protein deposits can warp the shape of the cornea, altering the visual axis and inducing irregular astigmatism and compromising visual acuity.

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