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Product Information:

Proclear Compatibles

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Proclear Compatible contacts are designed to feel more natural than conventional planned replacement soft lenses through a heightened level of biocompatible comfort. This is achieved through the use of a state-of-the-art manufacturing process using a phosphorylcholine coating. Phosphorylcholine is a hydrophilic polymer comprised of polarized negatively charged ions and bonded to omafilcon A. Due to these properties, biocompatibility is achieved, preventing the body from recognizing it as a foreign object and initiating an autoimmune response. It is used extensively in the replacement of stents for cardiac patients to do an extremely low rate of rejection. Since the cornea has no blood vessels feeding its tissues, contacts using this polymer result in fewer complications and a nearly non-existent rate of rejection by the eye due to oxygen deprivation.


Proclear Compatibles prevent serious and potentially sight-threatening complications by providing adequate levels of oxygen, maintenance of needed moisture levels, and prevention of cornea altering protein buildup. If the cornea is deprived of oxygen over the course of contact lens wear the eye will respond by initiating an autoimmune response through a condition known as corneal neovascularization. This condition occurs as the eye attempts to grow new blood vessels to the affected area. Since blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients, this is the eye’s attempt to correct this deprivation. It becomes problematic when these new vessels begin to encroach on the visual axis, the pathway light must travel so the process of vision may occur. If these new vessels interfere with this path, it will compromise the ability of the eye to see by inducing irregular astigmatism. Due to the high level of oxygen allowed to permeate the surface of Proclear Compatibles, corneal neovascularization is extremely rare with these lenses.


Since Proclear Compatibles are comprised of a hydrogel material they possess superior qualities in maintaining an adequate level of moisture and comfort to planned replacement lens wearers. Hyrdogel polymers absorb moisture, in some cases as much as 500%, and are known as water-loving or hydrophilic. Natural tears produced by the eye, contact lens rewetting drops and contact solutions all work together to prevent the complications arising from an interruption of the quality of the corneal tear film. If the corneal tear film is compromised, the surface of the cornea is more prone to discomfort, allergies, bacterial infection and protein deposits. Since Proclear Compatibles are coated with a super-slick polymer, they prevent the development of long protein strands resulting in a build-up of deposits. Over time these deposits will alter the shape of the cornea, scattering light as it travels the visual pathway and inducing irregular astigmatism. This astigmatism compromises visual acuity and is extremely difficult to correct with refractive lenses. Maintaining a higher level of oxygen transmissibility, moisture and prevention of protein build up, Proclear Compatible lenses provide better ocular health, greater comfort and better visual acuity than previous planned replacement lenses providing peace of mind for the wearer and eyecare professional alike.


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