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Product Information:

FreshLook ColorBlends Contact lenses

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Freshlook Coloblends contacts from Ciba Vision allow contact lens wears to customize their eye color while providing good optics and preventing complications traditionally associated with color contact lens wear. There are several soft contact lenses on the market that alter eye color, but few do it as naturally as Freshlook Colorblends. These contacts utilize a color-blending system of three colors providing a more subtle and therefore natural look that most color contacts don’t possess. Other color contacts are typically very opaque with respect to colors applied to the lens surface. This may present a few problems for the wearer. Cosmetically, a more opaque color is less natural looking. If the contact does not center well, or moves slightly when blinking, it can obstruct the opening of the pupil and make vision blurred. Opaque lenses need to be monitored more closely since they have a tendency not to allow as much oxygen to reach the eye to maintain a healthy cornea.

Freshlook Colorblends strike a good balance of maintaining optimum ocular health as well as being cosmetically appealing to the patient. Irises are not monochromatic in color. Color varies throughout the iris depending on the concentration of melanin present and cellular density of the stroma, bundles of delicate fibrous tissue supporting the iris. ┬áIn effect, the pigmentation of the iris is not uniform in color. Since Freshlook Colorblends contacts possess a blended coloration to alter the wearer’s eye color, it provides a natural appearance to the iris. Just as a painter brings objects and perspective to the foreground of a painting to create the perception of depth, Freshlook Colorblends present the same effect.

All color contacts require an aperture that allows light to be refracted so it may travel through the pupil on a pathway called the visual axis to the retina. If a color contact does not fit well, this aperture will have a tendency to move and sit askew of the visual axis. This becomes problematic as it obscures the line of sight necessary to allow light to freely travel this path hindering the patient’s field of view and possibly blurring their vision especially in low light situations when the pupil dilates. Freshlook Colorblends has an optical zone of 5 mm across the aperture of the contact to address this issue. This optical zone allows the patient a greater area of vision and comfort without the aggravation of contending with a poorly centered color contact.

Freshlook Colorblend contacts are comprised of a cross-linked polymer known as hydrogel. Hydrogels inherently absorb and retain moisture. This is beneficial to the contact lens wearer for two reasons: maintenance of a fluid environment necessary for a healthy cornea and higher oxygen transmissibility. A fluid environment prevents discomfort and protects against potential infections. If the eye is deprived of oxygen, corneal neovascularization, an ingrowth of new blood vessels, may occur in an attempt to bring nutrients and oxygen to a deprived area causing blurred vision. Freshlook Colorblends are more natural cosmetically, retain moisture for better eye health and comfort and are designed to be well centered for better visual acuities.


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