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FreshLook Colors

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Freshlook Colors contacts have an innovative design to provide the contact lens patient with a subtle and more natural change in eye color. Not only is it more cosmetically appealing, but these lenses also provide the patient with better comfort and maintenance of good ocular health. These lenses have a 3-in-1 color blending technology consisting of an inner starburst pattern, a primary color pattern and lastly a charcoal outer starburst pattern.

The human iris is a small circular structure of the eye responsible for adjusting the diameter of the pupil to control the amount of light reaching the retina. It consists of two layers: the stroma and the pigmented fibrovascular tissue. Eye color is determined by texture, pigmentation, fibrous tissue and vascularization. Quite simply, the iris is a complex mixture of ocular structures and tissue. This is why Freshlook Colors contacts have such a natural looking appearance — it mimics the structure of the iris while subtly incorporating color.

In addition to providing a natural and cosmetically pleasing appearance, these contacts also assist the patient in maintaining good ocular health. Freshlook Colors are made of hydrogel polymers which are hydrophilic, meaning they love moisture. These polymers will absorb enough moisture from natural tears, contact lens solutions and rewetting drops to provide the patient with comfortable wear throughout the day. It’s vitally important to maintain the fluid environment of the cornea. The surface of the cornea is covered with a tear film. This tear film protects the surface from debris such as protein deposits, bacteria and allergens. If the environment of this film is upset and the eyes become dry it will cause irritation and discomfort to the patient. In addition to discomfort, the cornea may become more susceptible to bacterial infections and deposits of protein strands that may alter the cornea and cause the vision to become compromised. Freshlook Colors are comprised of 45% phemfilcon A and 55% water. This will insure the corneal tear film remains fluid and serves its function of protecting the eye.

Proper oxygenation is another concern for patients especially when wearing color contacts. In the past, certain materials were not allowed to be used for color contacts simply because the coloring system used to cosmetically alter the contact prevented the free flow of oxygen from the atmosphere to the corneal surface. When deprived of oxygen, the body will respond by initiating an autoimmune response through attempting to bring oxygen and nutrients to the deprived area via an ingrowth of new blood vessels. This condition is known as corneal neovascularization and may become sight-threatening if the ingrowth of blood vessels encroaches on the visual axis; the pathway light travels to allow the process of vision to occur. The hydrogel polymer used in the manufacturing process of Freshlook Colors provides the proper amount of oxygenation required to prevent this complication from occurring. The comfort, cosmetic appeal, and maintenance of ocular health make Freshlook Colors a logical choice for patients and eyecare practitioners alike.


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