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Product Information:

FreshLook One-Day

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Freshlook One-Day contacts from CibaVision are designed to provide the contact wearer with several aesthetically pleasing options to alter eye color while assisting the patient in maintenance of good ocular health. These lenses are manufactured using a 3-in-1 color process designed to enhance and add subtle texture and a more natural look to the iris.

Basically, this process mimics the natural coloring of the eye by taking into account the fibrous vascular structures and unique patterns found in the tissue of the iris. Colors for Freshlook One-Day lenses are available in blue, green, hazel and grey. The unique design allows patients with lightly colored pigmentation to change their eye color to a darker one. Whereas, the darker pigmented iris can easily be altered to appear lighter. Often, it is difficult for a darkly pigmented iris to be easily altered due to the hue. Freshlook One- Day lenses easily accomplish this through the 3-in-1 process.

Freshlook One-Day contacts are comprised of nelfilcon A, a hydrogel polymer designed to retain moisture. Nelfilcon A has a water content of 69% which assists in maintaining the fluid environment of the cornea. The cornea is covered with a tear film responsible for preventing allergens, bacteria and proteins from causing discomfort and visual problems. Natural tears nourish the corneal surface through providing nutrients, lubrication and proteins needed to prevent disease and maintain the fluid environment.

There are two types of proteins found in natural tears: native and denatured. Native proteins are in-born germ fighters that carry out antimicrobial activities. Denatured proteins will adhere and create deposits on the surface of the contact and may eventually warp the cornea inducing irregular astigmatism and scattering light rays as they travel the visual axis. The visual axis is the path traveled by light rays as they make their way to the retina allowing the process of vision to occur.

Irregular astigmatism can be extremely difficult to correct with either contacts or spectacles. The extremely slick surface of hydrogel materials prevent denatured proteins from depositing and making the lens hazy. The other added advantage of Freshlook One-Day contacts is they are daily disposable lenses. At the end of each day, the contact is discarded along with any potential for protein deposits or bacterial colonies attempting to grow.

Freshlook One-Day lenses also have greater oxygen transmissibility than previous conventional color contacts. In the past, the coloring process used to alter contact colors was often opaque. This would inhibit the transfer of oxygen from the atmosphere to the corneal surface. If the surface of the cornea is deprived of oxygen, the eye will initiate an auto-immune response to compensate. This process is known as corneal neovascularization.

During this process, new blood vessels will begin to grow attempting to carry nutrient rich oxygen to the deprived area. Complications can result if this new ingrowth of blood vessels begins to encroach on the visual axis. If allowed to interfere with light rays as they make their way to the retina, the visual acuity of the patient will be compromised. Once again, as with protein deposits, irregular astigmatism may be induced, scattering light rays, and not allowing the patient to enjoy crisp, clear vision. This problem is virtually non-existent with patients who wear daily disposable lenses such as Freshlook One-Day. These lenses provides six times the amount of oxygen of conventional planned replacement lenses translating to good ocular health.


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