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Product Information:

FreshLook Dimensions

By John Dick ABO, FNAO

Freshlook Dimensions contacts by CibaVision are designed to complement the naturally lightly colored iris while at the same time providing optimum comfort and maintenance of good ocular health. These contacts are available in three colors: pacific blue, Caribbean aqua and sea green. The manufacturing process creates a unique starburst pattern on the surface of the contact enhancing the existing color of the iris.

The iris is a thin, circular structure responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil. It’s made up of two layers of tissue: the front pigmented fibrovascular tissue known as the stroma, and the layer beneath of the stroma, pigmented epithelial cells. There is a common misconception the amount of melanin, UV absorbing tissue responsible for colorization of the tissue throughout the body, provides the iris with its unique look. However, the vascularity, strands of fiber comprising the structure and genetics play a larger role in determining eye color.

Freshlook Dimensions contacts maintain a good balance between providing a cosmetically appealing lens as well as maintaining good ocular health. Prior to the advent of hydrogel polymers used in soft lenses today, conventional planned replacement lenses were prescribed taking into account the amount of oxygen needed to adequately supply the cornea. If the eyecare professional suspected the patient was would not observe the proper wearing regimen they might be less inclined to prescribe color contacts.

The transfer of oxygen from the atmosphere to the corneal surface through the lens was often a determining factor as to whether the patient would develop complications. Adequately supplying the cornea with oxygen prevents a condition known as corneal neovascularization. This condition develops as an autoimmune response whereby the body attempts to get oxygen and much needed nutrients to the deprived area through an ingrowth of new blood vessels. These ingrowths become problematic for the process of vision if it encroaches on the visual axis. The visual axis is responsible for allowing light to enter the eye and strike the retina allowing the process of vision to occur. Freshlook Dimensions allows nearly six times the amount of oxygen to reach the surface as other conventional planned replacement lenses.

Freshlook Dimensions are comprise of a hydrogel material, phemfilcon A, a combination of polymers using natural tears, contact lens solutions and rewetting drops to maintain the fluid environment of the corneal tear film. Phemfilcon A has a water content of 55%. This prevents problems associated with dry eye syndrome, the irritation of allergens and denies bacteria an area to colonize. This translates to sustainable comfort, fewer infections and clearer visual acuities. This synthetic material also prevents the transmission of nearly 100% of ultraviolet rays to ocular tissues. Absorption of UV radiation has been linked to the development and progression of diseases such as macular degeneration, cancer and conditions such as cataracts. Striking this balance between function and aesthetics provides the patient with the avenue to change eye color without compromising their ocular health.


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